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A Great Experience – For All!

As a final year law student, I find it important to step out of my comfort zone and push myself to do things which I would have never dreamt of doing – teaching being one of these things. Surprisingly it was one of the best experiences I have endured throughout my legal studies.

Not only did the programme build my confidence as a person, but it also helped me develop valuable life skills.

The most valuable part of the experience from my point of view was the learned centred education which not only worked well with the students, but allowed us to create a different form of bond unlike the generic student-teacher relationship.

Using first names and also the high levels of interaction informalized the experience making it more enjoyable for not only the Transition Year students, but also for myself. I’ve always been a strong believer of students being more engaged in learning, where they ‘get on with’ the teacher – even during my own time at secondary school! The approach I took to teaching was exactly this, I became more of a friend to the students, rather than the demanding teacher at the front of the room.

In response to this, we had eager students, who were interested in learning, who enjoyed the lessons and we even had students stepping out of their own comfort zone getting involved!

The feedback we got from the teachers at the school each day was unbelievable, they even told us they seen the confidence grow inside some of the students.

At the end of the programme, we had the students come to LYIT where they performed a mock trial, and I need only say I was like a proud mother watching them! They were all delighted with the fact that they stood up and spoke in front of a room filled with strangers! They also were delighted with the fact that they had made us so proud – once again showing how important the relationship we had with them were! At the end of the programme we received a card signed by all the students which is something that will definitely be cherished forever! – we even had the students begging us to teach them law every Monday for the rest of their transition year.

Personally, I think that without creating the so-called ‘friendly’ relationship with the students, interaction would have been so much more difficult. Learner centred education was a learning experience for both myself and the students!

Overall, Street Law was a great experience! Not only did I enjoy it, but feedback proved that the Transition Year students also enjoyed it, with the group also saying that it was the best thing they done during their time in TY!

By; Sarah Davis 3rd Year Law (LLB)